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                      Meeting The Challenges In College Application
                              - Planning A Strategic Course of Action
                              - Evaluating Where You Are Now And Where You Want To Be
                              - Choosing The Best Match In Higher Education
                              - Identifying A Theme In Communicating Your Strengths
                              - Organizing The Winning Path of Successful Application

Maximizing Your Potentials And Surpassing The Expectations
          - Demonstrating Your Skills And Qualities, Confirming A THEME
          - Plotting And Mapping Your Strengths, Potentials, Opportunities And Challenges
          - Excelling In The Application Essays And Personal Interview, With An 
          - Turning Opportunities Into Success, With A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

Nurturing Personal And Academic Growth

          - For Freshman – VISION
          - For Sophomore – PLAN
          - For Junior – FOCUS
          - For Senior – STRATEGY

Harvesting Professional Growth and Visualizing A Future Promise

          - Choosing And Doing What You Enjoy, With A Passion

          - Embracing The Reward of A World-Class Education, For A Promising Career

Leveraging NeuroScience of Educaton
          - From Increasing NeuroCognitive Skills, To Reaffirming


College and Professional School

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Every child is unique;

every child is gifted;

and every child is talented.

In Ivy Brainchild, we inspire and motivate children to maximize their highest potential and creativity.

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